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Om Nom Connect Classic

Om Nom game “Mahjong Connect Classic” is one of the coolest puzzle hits. Like balls, Bubble Shooter is simple, fun and good for your brain as it develops attention, stress resistance and dexterity. Try matching fruit and paired critters against the clock and keep your mind sharp no matter what!

Welcome to Om Nom Connect Classic game – play classic Mahjong Connect online for free and in a good mood. Instead of Chinese domino tiles, you are invited to collect pairs of fruits and funny “Pokemon” from the Om Nom universe.

Rules of the game

By connecting two tiles with the same image, free the field from all the heroes.
Important: the connection line of 2 tiles can change direction no more than two times.
Help from the game is free: a hint is called up by clicking on the magnifying glass, helping to determine one of the possible combinations of the connection.
The shuffle function swaps all the tiles on the board without changing the shape of the layout.

Features of “Om Nom Connect Classic”

Entertainment with the game “Classic Mahjong Connect” surrounded by juicy fruits and cool friends Om Nom cheers up.
The timed game function stimulates fast memory.
The record of points scored is saved without registering a player on the site.
Like any gambling puzzle, Om Nom Connect Mahjong gets more difficult with progress and offers a new challenge in each level.
Matching tile hints and shuffling are free and are added to the game as rewards for completing levels.
If you manage to create many matches in a row with an interval of no more than two seconds, you will receive bonus points.

No matter how cool and cute the animals and juicy fruits look, the Om Nom Connect 2 game can be difficult for the first time. Fortunately, unlike classic mahjong with a multi-layer accumulation of tiles, the mahjong connection is single-tiered: by combining a pair, you immediately see the full alignment. So you can plan every move and improve your skills with every attempt.