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Mahjong Titans

Relax in an excellent collection of Mahjong Titans online games – for free and without regard to time, but with advanced functionality. Here is the most famous layout of multi-level layouts Mahjong: Titan Turtle, as well as dozens of simple and complex novelties. The time to play mahjong online is now!

Welcome Mahjong Titans – play online without time and ads. Detailed rules and recommendations on how to play accompany on any page in the “Help” tab. Settings and statistics options will help you get the most out of the game. Check it out and make sure!

The principle of playing Mahjong is simple: collect pairs of tiles of the same type in such a way as to decompose the proposed figure. The game is considered won according to statistics if it is completed without “shuffling” the board. In the winning ending, hear the applause and animation of the winner. But much more important is the effect of a Mahjong Titans – relaxation, improvement of visual memory and concentration.

Like the best online Chinese solitaire games, Mahjong Titans is enhanced with many options to help the player: “Possible move hint”, “Unlimited undo/redo levels”, “Shuffle”.

What’s new in Mahjong Titans

By default, player statistics are kept and configuration data of the selected theme is saved: “Chinese Traditional”, “Shanghai Solitaire” or “New Mahjong Match Pair of Tiles”, with funny pictures.

The settings menu allows you to change the appearance of mahjong – from playing with realistic 3D tiles, traditional Shanghai dominoes to children’s pictures. Changing the design will help you choose the most convenient game format and achieve high scores.

If one or more “shuffles” are performed during the game, the game is “lost” for statistical purposes. The account will be automatically updated.

Each game of mahjong is assigned a number that determines the starting position of the shuffle from one to a million. Therefore, the probability of repetition is negligible. To collect pairs of the current layout again, use the “Retake” command.