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Mahjong Connect full screen

A very good version of gymnastics for the mind, only slightly inferior to chess, can be considered the Mahjong Connect game in fullscreen. Of course, many users are already familiar with it, since this funny puzzle is included in the standard entertainment set of American Windows. But in this case, gamers expect something more than a banal search for the same chips.

Game modes

The first surprise is that the process is online. And in our case, you can play Mahjong Connect fullscreen for free. The second pleasant component: there is an opportunity to compete in this fun with a very real player sitting at a computer somewhere on the other side of the world. And you will have to compete in who will complete the assembly of your puzzle faster. To monitor the opponent’s actions, use the mini-screen in the upper right corner. Don’t worry about losing. You have nothing to lose, because this Mahjong game is free. For those who do not want to compete with anyone, there is a single player mode. Here, gamers will have enough time to think about all their moves.


So, the goal of playing Mahjong Connect is to solve the puzzle by removing chips from the field. You can only remove them in two pieces, moreover, identical to each other. In addition, the chip to be removed must be open on at least two sides. Otherwise, online mahjong is no different from that in normal mode. Playing it is very useful, especially from the point of view of developing logical thinking.