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Kitchen Mahjong

Remember the Kitchen Mahjong Connect 2 game that everyone was raving about, and with good reason? Such puzzles “connect pairs” are useful for children and adults as they develop memory, attention and logical thinking. In the new mahjong game, kitchen utensils of all kinds are scattered on the game grid. And all you have to do is tie them together. Let’s check how many points you earn before the timer resets!

We invite you to Kitchen Mahjong  – play for free in full screen online in the best quality. This is a classic Connect 2 puzzle game with virtual dishes and various cooking utensils. Your task is to connect pairs and clear the game table.

How to play

The controls in the game “Kitchen Mahjong” are intuitive: left-click sequentially on the same tiles with the left mouse button. But remember: this game is against the clock and hurry up! Fortunately, each successful move replenishes the timer bar with a couple of seconds. But there are several limitations in choosing a matching pair. The connection path of the 2 elements must be continuous. Let us turn the connecting chain at a right angle, but not more than 3 times.

What’s New in Mahjong Kitchen

– The number of matching pairs can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen.
– Pictures of kitchen utensils “Mahjong Kitchen” are replaced by clear photos.
– Supplement instructions with an explanation of how to play in Russian.