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Kris Mahjong 3

Once a prankster Kris made mahjong for friends and suddenly became famous – the game according to the rules of “Connect 2” (connect a pair) turned out to be hectic, interesting and reckless. Hundreds of people wanted to download Kris Mahjong and solve the puzzle on their computer.

This is how Kris  Mahjong was born – an online full screen version – for everyone who wants to play right now.

Using the computer mouse, left-click on a pair of identical images to connect them. Please note: you need to clear all the tiles before the time runs out! No more than two turns are allowed in the path of connecting pairs, while the connection line cannot be inclined.

Game features

Kris has collected radically different images in mahjong: they are not related in any way in color, shape and theme, they are easily different from each other and are characterized by different properties. This is good for training short-term memory: the eyes quickly “snatch” the desired tile from the total mass.
Kris main joke is that his mahjong is movable: removing 2 pictures changes the position of the rest.
The game has 9 stages with different game conditions. To increase the complexity, Kris introduces more kinds of pairs and alternates between different ways the pictures behave when they are removed from the spread. The remaining tiles can be frozen in place or change direction.
The game has a countdown timer: with it, the test is more interesting. You have to play with concentration, which really spurs the excitement!

How to play Mahjong Kris

Fortunately, Master Kris introduced a bonus for the correct connection – a few bonus seconds. You can earn more time yourself if you put yourself together and play carefully. This encourages focused play and improves concentration. Ready to take the test? Have a nice game!