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Mahjong Connect 4 fullscreen

Looking for Mahjong style solitaire card games? Try the free Mahjong Connect 4 with an exciting classic theme! Clear the game table of matching pairs of cards and improve your sorting skills over 15 levels. But your eyes must be razor sharp. After all, the time for laying out mahjong cards is strictly limited! Fortunately, hints are not limited.

Welcome to the Mahjong Connect 4 – play in full screen with the cards of the Chinese majiang playing deck. According to the rules, the game is similar to the “connect the pairs” connection and requires the players to be observant. We recommend that everyone play these games as often as possible, even if time limits unbalance. Such a stress factor turns out to be a very useful option, because it turns the usual mahjong solitaire with cards into a logic game that develops concentration, stress resistance and fast memory.


– Once Mahjong Solitaire is loaded, click on the Help button for a quick guide in Russian.
– A playing deck of mahjong cards is arranged with partially closed and open pictures according to 15 different patterns.
– Your job is to match pairs of cards by clicking on matching images to remove them from the board.
– If you don’t see a match, click on the stock deck to reveal two new tiles.


– Several useful options are available on the right side of the screen.
– The pause function limits the timer if you need to take a break.
– The “Cancel” button returns the just transferred map to its original place.
– Hint and shuffle are available without limits and help beginners overcome difficulties.

Let’s see how far you can go in Mahjong Connect 4 card game right now? If you are playing for the first time, you will notice that only the first level is always available for a new game. Only the passage of all 15 stages in turn completes the game. Thus, concentration of attention and the will to win develop. We wish you a pleasant and useful party. Get the most out of mahjong!