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Mahjong Quest 2

If you want to play Mahjong Quest 2, then you are in the right place! An interesting multi-level Chinese solitaire solitaire has been updated for the Russian-speaking audience of players! Join right now and enjoy a cool puzzle in an understandable format!

Fly into the “Mahjong Quest 2” – play in full screen online for free, without player registration and download. Complete the unique task of each level and get help for the next challenges.

The Shuffle button will help you continue when no other moves are available. This is the action of shuffling all remaining tiles while keeping the current piece.

“Search for a pair” does not necessarily indicate the optimal choice – only a possible move. And the illumination of all unlocked tiles will exclude obviously impossible options.

Try to use hints as little as possible to avoid penalty points.

How to play Mahjong Quest 2

The goal of the game is to clear the playing area quickly to get the level gold medal and unlock even more interesting worlds. In addition to the classic mahjong goals (connect pairs), there are quests to find the golden “Yin” and “Yang” tiles and much more.

Only matching pairs of tiles with at least one free side are removed. There are 72 pairs of tiles in the Mahjong Quest Solitaire game. Like cards, mahjong tiles have standard suits: “Dragons”, “Coins”, “Winds”, “Bamboos” and “Symbols” – 4 pcs. with the same image. Only “Seasons” and “Flowers” are presented in a single copy of each type. Therefore, any combination of “Season” or “Flower” is considered a pair.

While each layout of Mahjong Quest 2 requires a unique approach, the overall strategy of the game is to remove matching tiles, opening up more options for next moves. If you clear the board, move on to the next round with a different layout.

This is the second game with the same name. Unlike the Chinese solitaire “Mahjong Quest” with three game modes, the new “Mahjong Quest 2” is a game against the clock. However, if you decide to play without regard to time at a comfortable pace, the game will not be interrupted. Just do not get medals and valuable prizes. But still we recommend playing Mahjong Quest 2 for a while. After all, while you are competing in layout speed with the previous result, you are imperceptibly improving useful skills: the ability to concentrate and remember easily.