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Mahjong Titans Dimensions

Conquer all the dimensions of mahjong in 3D in 15 minutes! The latest version of the game of mahjong solitaire for a while from Arkadium provides such an opportunity for free. Recall: any online mahjong “Dimensions” is a game against the clock. You score points based on how quickly you navigated the search. Now the time limit is three times larger than usual. Ready to try your hand?

Welcome to Mahjong Titans Dimensions online  game – play with plenty of time on any device. Surely you are no stranger to mahjong “Dice in 3D” – from the Chinese connect game it is distinguished by the size of the tiles and the ability to play in 3 dimensions. Exploring each side, memorize the options for free stones and click the mouse

Rules of the game Mahjong Titans Dimensions

Lay out a three-dimensional layout of cubes in 15 minutes, removing only pairs with an open edge.
Paired dice are removed as in any connect 2 game, except for the chance to see the hidden side of the puzzle.
Click the left or right arrow to rotate the 3D mahjong.


Clear signs on the tiles of the game “Mahjong Titans Dimensions” are easily distinguishable.
In comparison with the classic version – “Connect Cube 3D”, where each layout is a cube and only the dimensions change, each level represents a new spatial figure.
Spin adds a subtle quality of realism and depth to the playing field to mahjong. Thanks to this, not only the eye is trained, but short-term memory is also improved.