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Black and White Mahjong

Try playing black and white mahjong, an interesting version of the logic puzzle in a monochrome theme. It is considered the most effective for training attention and logic! The goal is to disassemble the tiles in 20 minutes, connecting the same pictures according to the new rules. By the standard of tiled solitaire, matched pairs with open sides and not blocked at the top should be removed. Add a new contrast condition and enjoy the game!

The essence of this game is in the original name “Black and White Mahjong” (Mahjong “Black and White”): you need to combine contrasting pairs, where the background changes with the same tile image.

The idea to concretize the search according to the principle of confrontation of colors is brilliant. You unwittingly analyze the coincidence for different signs and force the brain to increase productivity in a free and effective way!

Game Tips

You will simplify the passage if you play mahjong in full screen: the black and white background is visible to the naked eye, but you have to strain your eyes to distinguish the markings.

Fortunately, there are no restrictions on the hint function in black and white mahjong. Hit “HINTS” every time you get stuck with a match. The game will highlight the available pairs, but will remove game points.