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Mahjong 3D Dimensions

Have you tried playing the free 3D Mahjongg Dimensions online with a 15 minute limit? It’s time to play without time, flash player and ads. Meet the legend – the same “Mahjong 3D” in Chinese style, with improved graphics and the ability to play in full screen even on a tablet and mobile.

Welcome to the game “Mahjong 3D Dimensions – play online without registration and downloading to your computer. Recall: the new connect game uses three-dimensional space instead of a plane. Therefore, by connecting the tiles, rotate the cube!

The playing field of Mahjong 3D Dimensions consists of cubes instead of traditional Chinese domino tiles. Comprised of a multi-layer tower, they are located in the center. At the beginning of the game, you only see the image of the front. But for a view from the back and sides, the layout must be rotated.

How to play

Explore your 3D pattern with the side arrows and tap a cube to highlight it and another with an identical image, completing the connection.
You can remove cubes that are not blocked by others (free on several sides).
The stage is completed if the field is cleared before the deadline.
For the coincidence of identical tiles in a row, a score multiplier is introduced.
Saved timer time adds bonuses.

Volumetric version of mahjong according to traditional rules
You can play in full screen in the full version without registration and download
There is no fixed place of tiles, each game guarantees new impressions and experiences.

Attention: “3D Mahjong” in three dimensions is a game of time, which excludes a thoughtful approach to the solution, but stimulates the attentiveness and concentration of any player. We recommend not to be afraid of the timer. And test your abilities and improve them with a good workout.