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Mahjong Jungles

Get into the tropical paradise of the Mahjong Connect Jungle game and start playing in full screen: this way you will appreciate the beauty of drawing pictures and quickly navigate the new rules. The game is designed in the exotic jungle theme: instead of hieroglyphs, there are natives and their weapons, images of animals and plants of the rainforest, patterns of wild tribes.

In special effects, instead of music – the piercing chirping of cicadas, booming tom-toms and the chirping of tropical birds – everything works for the atmosphere of adventure, be sure to check out this option!

How to play

“Mahjong Jungle” and refers to connect puzzles (connect pairs) – this is a type of “connecting” game with the placement of blocks in one layer. You need to find the same patterns and click one by one to remove from the field. The main connection condition is that the image connection line cannot be bent more than 2 times. Edge restrictions are not set, but with each removal of a pair, the overall pattern of mahjong changes. All rows used for the connection are shifted down by the number of blocks removed.

Bonuses in the game “Mahjong Jungle”

from the start of the game, 10 connection tips are offered, use them if you reach a dead end;
each collected mahjong is rewarded with a new hint and their total number is kept throughout the game;
you can influence the time in mahjong, each connected pair of pictures adds a couple of seconds;
the option to change the layout of mahjong in a situation where there are no available moves is enabled: the game itself mixes the pictures, opening up new possibilities for connecting.

The game “Mahjong Connect Jungle” is not in vain considered the “top” among the logical puzzles of the connection – it is bright and comfortable. Thanks to the timer option, the connection develops stress resistance and trains the ability to make quick decisions.