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Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes

Bring Chinese solitaire to life with the unique connect puzzle without time tracking! Now free online Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes – three-dimensional space. This version of the world’s oldest game not only looks great, but offers a new way to play with block rotation.

Also, a free online three-dimensional game “Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes” allows you to play with triple time, unlike the well-known “Mahjong Dimensions 3D cubes” from Arkadium. You can expand the playing field to full screen, use a hint and shuffle the tiles whenever you want. Attack the layout on three levels at once and enjoy the passage for as long as you want.

How to play Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes

By default, the game offers a high-speed chip matching mode. In 4 minutes 30 seconds, you need to disassemble the tower by connecting paired cubes. If you prefer the relaxation mode of the mahjong game, press the “UNTIMED” button (without time) in the boot menu.

The task of the level is to clear the layout.
Specify two identical stones to remove them from the field.
The condition for unlocking tiles is at least two free sides.
Don’t forget to rotate the image before making a move: each type of dice has duplicates.

Game features

40 levels of mahjong without time and speed.
The number of hints and shuffles is not limited
You can play in Russian, in full screen of any device.

The new game “Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes” stands out from the crowd of similar ones with a subtle quality of realism, the ability to choose a mode without time and freely use hints. Enjoy mahjong in 3D cube format right now and don’t forget to bookmark this page.