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Mahjong Mix

New online Mahjong Mix is card solitaire and mahjong “Pyramid” at the same time. Because on the one hand you are laying out a multi-tiered Chinese domino figure. On the other hand, you sort playing cards by suit and rank, like in a solitaire card game. The main condition of this game is to remove only non-blocked cards, with at least one free side and not covered by the upper tier.

If you managed to fall in love with online mahjong “Pyramid” with Chinese characters and numbers on the tiles, then you will definitely like to play card mahjong. Have a nice game!

Features of Mahjong Mix

By creating combinations correctly, you earn points.
Instead of Chinese mahjong tiles, more familiar pictures of playing cards are used.
“Hint” helps to find a suitable pair of cards.
“Shuffle” – changes the order of the remaining cards and helps to open new combinations.
Countdown timer enabled.
The dynamic display of results shows the number of paired cards available for matching.

If you tried to play Mahjong Mix and were satisfied, then you made not only a pleasant, but also a useful discovery. After all, this game is perceived much easier than the classic mahjong with hieroglyphs. In addition, the time limit helps to focus on the task, and by improving mindfulness, train visual memory.