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Mahjong Solitaire

Here is a classic Mahjong: Solitaire Game (MahJongg Solitaire) is a free puzzle game adapted to play in full screen, without counting time and being tied to one background. The goal is to clear the playing field by removing all tiles. The layout method may differ in pattern, size and height, there are hundreds of different figures with common mahjong rules.

Mahjong game rules

You must remove tiles in pairs. A pair consists of two tiles, which are:

“identical” (or of the same type).

A tile is considered “loose” if no other tile partially covers it, does not lie on top, and is not adjacent to the right or left.

Two tiles are identical when they look the same (Captain Obvious is now clapping his hands). The exceptions are the tiles “Flowers” and “Seasons”. They are not the same, but belong to the same type and, according to the rules of mahjong, can be removed in any combination.

In the standard mahjong solitaire game (Solitaire), each tile appears four times, again with the exception of the colors and seasons (they only appear once).

To win, it is important to understand that mahjong is not a game of pure chance. In mahjong, it is important to think about how to play: before you take off a pair, make sure that you open access to the next move. You can block key fragments, dooming yourself to lose.
Mahjong solitaire strategy

Consider the non-obvious consequences of the rules of the game of mahjong: important little things that will explain how to play so that solitaire is successful.

How to play mahjong: tricks of the game

Remember that in solitaire there are 4 tiles of the same kind, which means several possible combinations. Choose wisely.
Concentrate your efforts on long lines and tall stacks.
Plan in advance as many moves as possible, analyze them.
If all four view tiles are available, remove them all to make the solitaire game easier.
Do not rely on the computer’s hint (if your game has such a feature): the machine knows the rules of mahjong, but it does not need to play for you. The hint will be the first match of free tiles of the same kind that is known to be a dead end for your party.

The most insidious enemy of a good game of mahjong is three free tiles of the same kind; choose carefully which pair to remove. The priority should be the position where the least important tiles are closed. It is important to unlock the majority.