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Mahjong Alchemy

Check out the interesting online Mahjongg Alchemy: play for free in full screen and get the most out of the puzzle. The game will give you a useful rest: on the one hand, you relax and get distracted, on the other hand, you train your brain skills. This feature of mahjongs has long been proven, the design in the spirit of alchemical symbols will be a pleasant variety of gameplay.

Mahjong “Alchemy” is a beautiful 3D version of the Chinese game for 1 player. The rules are standard, but instead of Chinese characters, you will see pictures stylized as astral signs.

How to play

The goal of Alchemy mahjong is to remove tiles from the board by pairing identical tiles together.

You have 15 minutes to match as many tiles as possible, compared to classic mahjong, that’s decent for a standard number of tiles. In each game, you can change the layout if you get stuck.

Alchemy Mahjong Options:

– you can change the perspective of mahjong in 3D: set the view from the front or at an angle;
– distribute new tileset: shuffle tiles and start over;
– select another layout shape.