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Mahjong Dragon Connect

The best time to play “Chinese Mahjong Solitaire” is for free in full screen and without registration, the online game “Dragon Mahjong” is available, with the perfect selection of settings! You can play without time in 6 layouts and use unlimited tips.

Here is an improved flash game “Mahjong Dragon” – an online version of the famous computer solitaire game “Mahjong Titan” with the ability to play without downloading, use a background changer and a choice of layout for free. There are 6 solitaire figures available at the start:

classic mahjong;

How to play

Chinese and Japanese mahjong solitaire share a common goal – to remove all tiles from the board by matching pairs. To select a piece to delete, click the tile once. Suppose you see a Bamboo 7 slab to the left of the board and another Bamboo 7 to the right, if they are both unlocked, they will be removed from the board.

Mahjong tiles (also called tiles or stones) are available for selection if they meet two conditions:

free from side blocking on the left or right;
not covered from above;
special mahjong tiles that do not have a pair, but are included in a common group: seasons, flowers, compasses (Chinese characters marked in Latin letters) – they can be matched in any combination within the group.

The presence in the name of the Chinese mahjong “solitaire” indicates that the game is for one. The dragon, as a symbol of wisdom in Japanese and Chinese culture, corresponds to the highest goal of the game. Everyone knows how useful it is to play Chinese mahjong solitaire: concentration is trained, visual perception improves and analysis skills are improved. But the secret of the popularity of mahjong lies elsewhere – the game relaxes, distracts and helps to restore peace of mind, provided that there are no distracting and annoying details. That’s why we recommend playing “Chinese Dragon Mahjong Solitaire”: in full screen, with online hints without limits.