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Another incredibly addictive game of the Mahjong series. You can play it for free on our website online. The game Majong is an incredibly interesting activity that captivates from the first minute of the game and draws you into the world of Shanghai for a long carefree time. Therefore, if there is urgent unfinished business left, it is better to finish it before starting the game.

The task of the game Majong is almost the same as in all similar ones. Get rid of all Chinese character tiles on the playing field. Only now the knuckles here will not just be arranged in rows, but will line up in certain structures. You need to remove the chips by two, and make sure that there are no more chips on the left and right. And also, so that the top is also empty. By clicking on free groups, they will disappear. A certain time will be allotted for the complete destruction of the structure of the bones. Do it and you are a winner. Otherwise, you will have to start the whole level from the very beginning.

Test your patience and skill in this game and prove to yourself that nothing is impossible. All in your hands. Therefore, rather, click on the start and forward to victory!