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Mahjong Shanghai HTML5

Play the free Shanghai Dynasty mahjong comfortably: in full screen, without time. It is considered to be a classic game in its original form, with Chinese notation and rules adopted in Shanghai and modified by programmer Brodie Lockard in 1986. Today, this is the most popular way to play mahjong solitaire (for one player): the player dismantles the pyramid of paired stones until the screen is completely clear.

Mahjong game “Shanghai” in a free online version is created in mobile HTML5 format, works on desktop computers and tablets.

Initially, two game modes of mahjong are available: “Shanghai” (Shanghai) – with a layout in full screen and an abridged version of “For Children” (For Kids). By default, Shanghai Dynasty is loaded with a standard set of 144 tiles. There are only 32 pieces in the children’s game.

How to play

Dismantle the mahjong pyramid by matching the pieces in pairs to remove them from the field and continue the game. Please note: only unlocked tiles are available: free from “neighbors” on the left, right or top. In addition to the traditional paired bones “bamboo”, “dots” and “Chinese symbols”, the composition of the “Shanghai Mahjong” includes special unpaired suits “flowers” and “seasons”. They are good because they do not have pairs, but freely connect within their group.

All single-player tile games are a little frustrating for beginners at first with too slow gameplay. Fortunately, in this online version, time is not counted, so the strategy of patiently finding matches works well.

It is better to lay out the “Shanghai Dynasty” from the topmost tier, and then gradually look through the tiles in a spiral. The essence of this advice is to familiarize yourself with the general distribution of tiles and work methodically to unlock the desired tiles. This will help you find matches faster and more efficiently. If you lay out a lot of tiles of the third level before you get rid of the top, then you risk blocking the moves.