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Mahjong Flowers 2

If you like mahjong and flowers, then the flower adaptation of the classic game is the perfect puzzle option. You can enjoy the traditional mahjong gameplay against the backdrop of falling cherry blossoms, accompany the game with pleasant music and succumb to the flow of time without limits!

The new Mahjong Flowers 2 is a puzzle game designed to improve memory, relieve stress and clear your mind. If you are looking for “Mahjong Flowers Connect a Pair” – we recommend playing Mahjong Flowers 2 onΒ  our site.

The game in front of you is the elite 152-tile Flowers Mahjong with vintage 10-flower style mahjongkong ornament, where bouquets and pheasants with patterned portals are complemented by Chinese letters, dots and bamboo icons.

Features of the new Mahjong Flowers 2

You can play without time or focus on high-speed competition.
Gorgeous flower theme for the whole screen of your computer monitor, tablet or phone.
Classic mahjong rules.
150 levels in 3 difficulties, suitable for any skill level – from beginner to master.

How to play

Connect the same mahjong tiles or any two of the Flowers or Seasons suit to remove them from the board, clearing the way for the next move. But first make sure that the path is clear, and if you hesitate with the answer, take a closer look at the board and see the hint for free.

We recommend this game for special moments of relaxation, when you want to play at a relaxed pace, without being distracted by advertising or the need to test your skills.