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Farm connect 4

Try playing Farm connect 4 (Fruits and Vegetables) Mahjong in the final version of the game. Farm connect is a simple concentration puzzle game where the player gets points for matching pictures quickly.

Welcome to Farm connect 4: play online in full screen of the free connection of the improved version! For the first time, figure mahjong has appeared in the game, which takes the classic version of the game to a new level: there are more ways to connect. The function “play mahjong without time” has become more stable: with each connection of a pair, the timer is replenished by five seconds.

How to play

Click on a pair of tiles with the mouse, connecting the appropriate fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and berries. Repeat until the entire screen is clear, then move on to a more difficult puzzle!

Before collecting fruits and vegetables in pairs, look carefully at the game grid. Delete paired pictures with a common side as soon as you notice. This will give you more room to connect fruits and unlock access to previously inaccessible pairings.

The way to play changes with each level: the fruits of one tier can move relative to another, take note of the direction of movement and remove ready-made pairs in such a way as not to disturb advantageous positions.

Please note that the connection line can be rotated at a right angle, but not more than 2 times.

Some fruits look similar but don’t match – pay attention to details.

If you get stuck, click on the hint in the upper corner, the game will highlight a suitable pair, but it must be collected, otherwise it does not count.

And finally, a pleasant moment: playing mahjong improves concentration skills and helps develop memory. So don’t miss the chance to take care of yourself – play Fruits and Vegetables 4 Mahjong as often as you can!