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Kids Mahjong

If you like unusual games for a while, then be sure to check out the online Mahjong “Toys”. This is a great test of attention, visual skills and memory! The game was created based on the ancient Chinese solitaire “Mahjong” (Ma jongg) and your task here is to identify and eliminate identical pairs of colorful toys in 5 minutes. The catch is that the grids fit into a multi-level composition!

You can play “Children’s Mahjong” online, for free and without registration to see your progress! If you fail to collect all the tiles in the allotted time, you will receive praise for a good attempt and your game score

How to play

The original name of the game is “Mahjong: Toy Chest” because of the children’s pictures in the tiles. Collect hieroglyphs of dolls, cubes, balls, teddy bears together and rejoice like a child: when you hover over the picture comes to life!

A good strategy for playing Baby Mahjong is to quickly access the lower layers. This means that you should focus on removing tall columns. Try to memorize all available blocks (corner elements) and don’t delay removing them – 5 minutes fly by quickly! A countdown timer is displayed in the upper left corner, to temporarily stop it, click the “Pause” button.

As in all mahjongs, in the children’s one there is a restriction on the removal of “blocked” tiles (if the left and right sides of the tiles are “clamped” by their neighbors at the same level).

Additional settings

Unlike other tile games such as Butterfly Mahjong or Connect 3 Fruits and Vegetables, Kids Mahjong does not contain hints or the ability to shuffle tiles. This makes the game quite challenging!

You can get bonuses by removing certain pairs of toys, for example, a pair of guitars is responsible for castling.

You have the opportunity to play “Children’s Mahjong 3D”. Click the Switch Views button to select a 3D or Flat tile layout.

Ready to play Baby Mahjong to match matching pairs of toys – don’t expect a puzzle for kids to be too easy for an adult! Pleasant and interesting game, it will be fun!