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Mahjong Cats

Playing “Cats” mahjong is a pleasure: the game is in Russian and without counting time, with clear rules and, unlike most connect games of the connect genre, with very thoughtful gameplay. Expand mahjong to full screen and see how the rules work!

Let’s start with something similar: instructions common to all mahjongs. The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the screen by matching identical patterns in pairs. In our case, everything is subject to the cat theme and is shown in detail in the first level of the “tutorial”.

How to play Cats Mahjong

Look for a pair of each cat’s face and, if the image is not blocked by another tile on top or on the sides, click one by one.
Please note that not all patterns are visible, they gradually open as the game progresses, and the number of available moves (pairs that can be removed in the future) is fixed at the top of the field.
Try to be the first to remove the extreme tiles and adjacent to the closed elements. So show the faces of new cats and get more chances to play mahjong solitaire.
Unlike the well-known classic mahjongs: Butterflies, Shanghai and Kitchen, there is no shuffling function in the Cats game, but the hint is implemented not for three moves, but for the whole game!

If the level does not work out, you can try again or see a step-by-step guide for solving this layout. The hint is hidden behind the “?” and is available only in case of failure. Even for those who are indifferent to cats, Cats mahjong is highly recommended as a great way to relax with a logic game!