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Pet Connect 2

Welcome to Pet Connect Mahjong: Play online with the free version of Pet Connect. This is the latest “Mahjong Link” with the most adorable animals and convenient controls. Complete 11 classic mahjong challenges to play without time!

Regular Pet Connect Mahjong is a fairly simple game, but Pet Connect Elite has tons of features, bonuses, and new objectives to take the classic game to the next level!

The difference between the Pet Connect Elite Mahjong and the normal Link Puzzle is the ability to expand features and unlock new stages. In one click you can change the color of the screen to a more comfortable one, you can save your achievements and leave the result of the game in the leaderboard.

How to play

Clear the field of pets as soon as possible by clicking on unblocked tiles with identical animals. Two pets of the same species can join and be removed from the mahjong board if:

are located side by side and there is a direct connection between them;
the track line rotates no more than 2 times.

To remove pets, click on one, then on the second. Connected pairs disappear, making room for new moves. Sometimes gold coins and gift boxes appear under the tiles – quickly click on them with the mouse to send them to the piggy bank. In the future, coins can be spent on the purchase of useful actions.

Suggest (Hint) – the game looks for pets instead of you and quickly displays a pair on the board. At the beginning of the game, 3 hints are available, but their number can be replenished in the upgrade store for 10 coins.

Mixer – Keeps the location of spaces open, but swaps all pets.

Extend the game (Time) – adding time to the timer.


Try to remove pets as quickly as possible – the pace of the game affects the timer like a pump.

Look for the easiest connections and quickly remove them to clear the center of the board and get more action.

Keep an eye out for quests in the Achievements section for rewards for completing bonus levels, collecting a large number of pets, and playing fast.

Pet Connect Elite Mahjong is a varied and completely free online game that can take months! Start playing right now, in full screen of your computer.