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You could play MahjongCon hundreds of times and not know that you are developing your brain! Meanwhile, simple games of communication or “mahjongs” stimulate concentration and improve visual perception. Here is a traditional mahjong puzzle with Chinese characters and geometric shapes. Play in full screen and get the most benefit and enjoyment!

The essence of this simple mahjong game in the name “connect” is connection: you need to connect pairs of identical tiles, refracting the connection line no more than 2 times. Your goal is to remove all tiles before the time runs out.

How to play

Make the mahjong connection more convenient: display the game field in full screen (this way you can see the markings better). Check out the table of correct and incorrect connections of mahjong connect – under the “Help” button at the very beginning of the game. The general rule of connection applies here: the communication line should not be refracted more than two times.

Pros of this version of MahjongCon

hint function: if you are stuck, press the “Hint” button, the game will highlight the available pairs;
shuffling tiles: you can change the situation on the board with the “Reset” button;
unused tips are saved and accumulated: 6 tips and 3 retakes are available at the start, multiply these bonuses to the most difficult levels;
the addition of a timer in mahjong is a very big plus, limiting the time to solve a puzzle forces your brain to focus on the problem and work to the limit.

By playing mahjong connect you increase the speed of thinking and the flexibility of the mind.