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Faces Mahjong

Tired of the typical “connect” games? Try playing online free “Face Mahjong” in full screen – you will immediately understand the difference! This is a game for training visual memory and attention. The standard rules of solitaire “connect” apply here: you need to find pairs of identical unlocked photos and click in turn.

Appreciate the convenient design of mahjong: the faces of women and men are perceived easier than Chinese characters and thematic icons. The next advantage: the difference is not obvious. Asian appearance is unusual for the eyes of a European, you have to peer to remember the features. Thus, visual perception is stimulated, the brain acquires useful skills.

How to play

Goal: clear the playing field as quickly as possible by clicking on unlocked pairs.
Two identical faces can be connected and removed from the board if:

there are no other photos between them;
the connection line is refracted no more than 2 times.

A good mahjong strategy is to look for the simplest face match – when the pair is next to each other: on the edge or in the middle. Such a coincidence can be seen with a cursory examination, be sure to remove it immediately to make room for new moves.

Playing “Mahjong Faces” without time

Notice the brown timer bar at the top of the screen. If you delete matching faces too slowly, time will run out. Each time pairs are paired, a countdown is triggered, which is a good incentive to search fast!

If you save a couple of obvious moves with matching faces for “extreme cases” – you can play without time when necessary.

Liked the game and want more? Try to disassemble Mahjong Face for at least 20 minutes a day to improve your ability to focus on small things, react quickly, and learn new information easily.