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Sea Mahjong

Check out the new “Sea Mahjong” and immediately try to play in full screen: this is a very beautiful game from the “connect the pairs” series. And if you are a fan of free connect games, such as Mahjong Connect Fruits and Vegetables, Gorillas, Butterflies, get ready: great entertainment awaits you in the underwater world!

Fish swim in schools, right? And in this aquarium, hundreds of species have mixed up and are afraid to look for a mate! The goal of the game is to match the same fish and clear the field.

How to play

At the start of the game, mahjong consists of a grid of colorful fish, crabs, jellyfish and other inhabitants of the underwater world. Ready to catch? Just click on the paired pictures one by one, but keep in mind: you can only delete unlocked fish. The main condition is that the connection line should not be refracted more than 2 times.

To the right of the playing area there is a timer, it is more interesting to play with it: the countdown heats up the excitement and makes you look for fish more concentrated! You can stop the clock if you play mahjong faster and even gain seconds if you back up your success with another coup.

If you are stuck and do not see a suitable pair, click on the picture with a magnifying glass in the upper left corner of the menu, mahjong will highlight 2 fish instead of you!