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Kris Mahjong

Kris Mahjong is a game for the most daring smart and incredibly attentive gamers who often like to sit near the screen playing exciting solitaire games. Since Kris Mahjong is a complex game, you have to think very carefully here, but at the same time you need to do it very quickly.

Unlike the traditional and familiar card solitaire, there will be no cards in this game. Instead, the player will have to deal with a whole handful of special bones. To make the game more positive and a little more fun, different sweets will be depicted on the chips. It will be all kinds of fruits, vegetables and other items. To win, you must remove all the bones from the playing field. To do this, try to form pairs of chips with the same image. But as mentioned above, a certain time is allotted for passing the level. To control it, a scale with a stopwatch will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Use all your wit and speed of thinking by playing Kris Mahjong game for free on our website. The time spent on this fun will pass quickly and imperceptibly.