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Zoo Mahjong

Welcome to “Zoo Mahjong Connect 2”: play for free in full screen, without time and registration in the best version of online connect. Search for the connection of 12 pairs of lost animals and go through many stages of the game before you develop your attention and quick reaction skills to incredible heights!

“Zoo Mahjong Connect 2” is a very interesting and cool game to improve reaction speed, memory and attention. It consists of a playing field with laid out pictures, each with an animal figurine.

How to play

You need to find a pair of identical cards that can be combined with no more than 3 straight lines broken at an angle. The highlighted pair disappears, you get points and more free space to search for the next connections. If you get stuck, shuffle the pictures. But be careful, the function has limitations – no more than 3 times per level!

We have seen many similar games with the same task, but only Zoo Mahjong Connect 2 has two amazing game modes for every pace, taste and preferences.

By default, the mode of standard modification (Normal mode) or “Classic Mahjong Connect 2” is enabled: the game ends when all cards are removed (win) or when time runs out (loss). The faster you play, the more profitable – the game compensates for the time spent by adding seconds, and you get more chances to win.

To play “Mahjong Connect 2” without time, turn on the “zen mode” by pressing the “Relaxed mode” button. The timer restrictions are removed here and any pressure associated with a possible failure is also excluded. To win the level, remove all pictures and move on!