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Mahjong Animals Connect Kyodai

Are you bored? Challenge yourself with the Mahjong Animals Connect Kyodai game! Let the new “time killer” with fabulous animals instead of Chinese tiles relieve stress and keep your brain in good shape!

The goal of the game is to connect all pairs of animals as soon as possible in order to clear the board within the allotted time.

Like most mahjong games, this game is fun, improves focus and improves concentration. Therefore, it will help to “clear your head”, relieving the stress of monotonous work.

Features of Mahjong Animals Connect Kyodai

You can play on your tablet or PC online, for free and without ads.
Cute pictures of animals are easy to distinguish, so it’s easy to find matches without straining your eyes.
With each new level of mahjong, it is more interesting to play: the animals change position when they find a pair.

How to play Mahjong Animals Connect Kyodai

The goal of the game is to find all pairs of animals in order to remove them from the screen within the allotted time of the level. An important point, you can connect a pair if:

the line of the conditional “path” of connecting animals turns at a right angle no more than two times;
identical chips are “adjacent”;
paired pictures are located on one side of the grid.

Few people know, but the Connect a Pair of Animals Connect Mahjong game is a classic of the Onet educational puzzles, known as a logic and mindfulness simulator. The secret is simple: due to the need to search for pairs quickly, the player concentrates on finding identical pictures, analyzes the possibility of connection and the prospects for a new move.