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Mahjong Dogs

The game loved by many – “Mahjong Connect 2” (from “connect” – connect pairs), has finally found a dog’s appearance! This is Dog Mahjong: find a pair game with the cutest dogs of different breeds. Try to find pairs of dogs before time runs out and develop your logic, dexterity and working memory.

Hurry up the game “Mahjong Dogs” (Dog Mahjong Connect 2) – play free online in full screen. Inspired by the classic Connect 2 games, this puzzle game is a time killer classic for players of all ages! We hope you enjoy combining photos of funny puppies and tough yard dogs as much as butterfly wings. Hurry up to free up space on the board before the time runs out. You can use hints if you don’t see matching pairs. But also get a bonus if you don’t ask for help.

How to play Dog Mahjong

Just touch the two blocks you want to connect. If the pair is allowed, then they will disappear. The rules for connecting the tiles of “Mahjong Dogs” are identical to the hit “Kyodai Butterflies”. You can connect pairs of dogs using no more than 3 straight connection lines. Example: identical tiles next to each other or when there is free space between a pair.

Features of Mahjong Dogs

HTML5 version of the flat “Mahjong Connect 2” with photos of dogs instead of Chinese domino icons on the tiles.

The game is divided into 9 levels from easy to hard. Each is interesting for the unique behavior of the chips after the pairs are connected.

As in the usual “Mahjong Connect”, as soon as you find a couple of dogs, they disappear. But the tiles of the adjacent row are shifted to the free space: from above, to the left or to the right. Thus, there are connection flows of pairs of dogs, you only need to calculate them and act strategically.

The condition – to connect pairs of dogs for a while, stimulates a focused game, which is akin to muscle tension in the gym. Therefore, following the results of the game, observation, attention, concentration and dexterity develop.

How to play Mahjong Dogs without time

To win the round, you need to clear the game table before the timer expires. Fortunately, knowing the desire of players to play Mahjong Dogs without a time limit, the developers offer several options for bypassing the restrictions.

A bunch of “hint” bonuses will help you find a couple without any problems. Press the “Search” button in the top menu bar up to 100 times per game. Each tile match returns a couple of seconds of game time. Such a simple “pumping the timer” will help calm the excitement at critical moments of the game and continue the search for pairs until the victorious finale.