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Mahjong Connect Classic

Puzzle games Mahjong Connect Classic take you to ancient times. It was there that the logical fun was born, which eventually became popular all over the world. According to the rules of the game, you need to find two identical tiles in a pyramid of tiles.

Carefully inspect the structure and try to find bones with an identical denomination in it. You can play this old but very exciting Shanghai mahjong both on your own and with your parents, competing with them in observation skills and the ability to think logically.

Playing the free online game Mahjong Connect you do not notice how hour after hour passes. Despite the fact that the game is quite easy and understandable, it can captivate even the most experienced gamer for a long time. Simply incredible melodic music sounds, which allows you to completely relax and play quietly and calmly without thinking about anything. Moreover, the time allotted for completing the levels runs very slowly, as if to the beat of the music.

The game is perfect for novice gamers who are new to Mahjong games. Since there is no need to headlong, in a panic, complete the main task in order to be in time before the end of time.

Here the hero has to find all pairs of identical tiles. They can be side by side, in a straight line, or in a line that has no more than two right angles. The difficult thing about Mahjong is that the patterns of the pieces are very similar, so it will not be easy to find the same pairs.

The surprise for the player may be that each level has its own interesting moments. For example, after the disappearance of identical pairs, the chips that were under them can rise up. Or the pieces that were at the top can go down, or they can generally remain in place, creating free space.