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Mahjong Dark Dimensions more time

Dark 3D Mahjong Dimensions Dark more time is back with a new timed game. Now the time limit fuels the excitement even more, and unlocking bonuses brings victory closer. The peculiarity of the game “Mahjong Dimensions Dark more time” in a dark design and the need to play quickly.

Welcome to the “Dark Dimensions more time” – play online for free and without downloading. Get the best 3D mahjong playing experience now. Deftly turning the 3D model of the cube, you need to have time to remember the free pictures and react to the coincidence of the pair. Thus, mindfulness, concentration and quick memory are effectively trained.

Recall: “Mahjong Dimensions” is a three-dimensional game “connect a pair” of cubes. Instead of being laid out on a flat surface (as in a traditional mahjong game), the dice form three-dimensional puzzles that make you rotate the playing field.
How to play Mahjong Dimensions Dark

Score as many points as you can by playing Mahjong against the clock. You will receive points for each combination of cubes. And the faster you can play, the higher the multiplier applied to your result.

Tap one cube to highlight it, then tap another with an identical image to complete the match. You can only remove a tile if it is not blocked by others.

The controls are identical to all Mahjong 3D games: rotate the cube by clicking on the arrows and matches find by clicking the same tiles with a free edge.