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Mahjong Firefly

Enjoy the exciting game of Firefly Mahjong online if you appreciate the classics, but don’t mind experimenting. A pleasant game of classic Mahjong awaits you, where the universal set of board puzzle rules is complemented by magical bonuses. Try new features to improve your results.

Welcome to the Firefly Mahjong game – play for free online in full screen. The goal is by connecting pairs of tiles to disassemble the layout as soon as possible. Just like the classic Chinese match solitaire game that comes with Windows, Firefly Mahjong keeps track of the best score without registration. Time to find out the best result today and surpass yourself once again!

Game features

– A lot of interesting levels of Mahjong with different layouts, hints and bonuses.
– The counter in the upper left corner shows the number of possible matches.
– You can play in Russian, in full screen of a computer monitor or tablet.
– Relaxing sound background and colorful 2D graphics.

The basic mechanics of Firefly Mahjong is identical to Mahjong Shanghai Solitaire. Many interesting levels follow each other, but the limited time for solving each scheme fuels the excitement.

How to play Firefly Mahjong

The goal is to lay out the level layout within the time limit by connecting the free pairs of tiles. To select a chip, simply click on it. Clicking on the second one removes the pair and earns points.

We advise you to make pairs strategically, revealing as many locked chips as possible. You can match and therefore exclude a pair of tiles if none of them are surrounded on both sides.

Bonus tiles appear among other Mahjong tiles and when a matching pair is removed, they change the gameplay.

Remove firefly tiles for mahjong shuffling.
Add minutes to the timer by matching the clepsydra tiles.
By connecting pairs of ice tiles, try playing Mahjong without time.

Please note: Firefly Mahjong scoring is identical to the board game where all tile suits have priority. Remove several chips of the same rank in a row to increase your score.