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Classic Mahjong

Welcome to the Classic Mahjong: “Shanghai classic mahjong” – play  online for free and without registration. This is a multi-level mahjong with Chinese tiles stacked on top of each other in the form of a pyramid. And even though four players play real classic mahjong, and the online version of the game is solo, you have the best embodiment of traditions!

The goal of the classic mahjong game is to dismantle the Chinese pyramid, gradually removing pairs of identical pieces from the board. But before you start playing, press the “full screen” button and select the tower shape from the menu. This version of multi-level solitaire has twenty-five layouts available as soon as you start playing.

Classic online mahjong rules

Match the tiles in pairs to remove them from the board. Clicking on one of the tiles will turn it red, hit the second tile and they will both disappear from the board. Keep in mind that the faster you play mahjong, the higher the score.

According to the tradition of the game, in addition to the identical images of Chinese mahjong bones, chips of the same suit of “flowers” ​​or “seasons” are considered paired.

But, since classic mahjong is multi-leveled, you can’t see all the tiles on the board, and this is the main difficulty. Also, not every mahjong tile is suitable for joining. Tiles that are blocked by others, such as the left, right, or top, cannot be moved, clicking on them is a waste of time. Luckily, this classic mahjong game features highlighting of available tiles. Shanghai domino tiles that are in a blocked position are shaded, and playable tiles are highlighted in white.

Press the “hint” button if you are stuck in the passage. The game will briefly highlight a pair of available matching tiles, but will deduct 100 points from the game score.

The undo function does not penalize the player, but it takes valuable time. But the shuffling is instant, the game will keep the position of the stones, but change the values.

Enjoy the game, try to remove all the tiles from the board before the timer runs out and make sure that playing classic time-limited mahjong is more interesting and rewarding than usual. Very soon, you will be able to easily force your brain to focus on any task.