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Tu mahjong

If you love Chinese puzzles – start playing Tu mahjong in full screen on your computer. This free connect game is much more fun and convenient. All thanks to the replacement of classic mahjong tiles with patterned prints in an endless variety of designs. Is it possible to confuse the texture of bamboo with a brick pattern or a leopard pattern? You will easily see paired patterns, especially if you decide to play in full screen, but the difficulty of passing increases and level 7 is the limit of most. Check yourself for attentiveness, suddenly you will be able to break the record on the first try.

At the beginning of the game, the Tu mahjong screen is filled with a deceptively simple grid of colorful squares. Your task is to collect copy tiles by clicking on unlocked cubes with the same image. Should be easy, right? Expand the game to full screen – it’s time to remove the paired patterns right now!

How to play

Remove all tiles from the game board by clicking on open pairs. Pictures with the same design are considered unlocked if:

connect without obstacles;
the connection line turns at a right angle no more than two times.

If there are no matching patterns for a connection, the mahjong is automatically shuffled. Player delay automatically starts the countdown timer (it’s the blue bar in the upper left corner), as soon as the bar reaches zero, the game ends, but each pairing of patterns restores energy.

If you need to stop mahjong in order to move away for a few minutes, use the “Pause” button. If you do not see free pictures to connect, and the time is running out, click on the picture with a magnifying glass. This action displays a hint with a highlight, use it quickly and continue playing.

Finally, about the real benefits of Tu mahjong: the game will help improve spatial memory if you devote a few minutes to it every day. Playing at a focused pace, you are intensely examining changes in the picture, analyzing them and training your ability to quickly react. Learning this skill will increase the efficiency of mental activity and improve memory, verified!