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Candy Mahjong

Try playing mahjong with candies instead of Chinese tiles, it will be a great brain training and a rest for the eyes! Connect tasty treats in pairs to clear the table. The trick is that the mahjong puzzle rules are hidden behind the sweet picture. Can only be played with non-topped tiles, with no blockages left or right.

We invite you to play Candy Mahjong – free online, with pleasure and benefit! Assemble desserts from paired yummy treats in one of 6 tiered layouts. Play smart and don’t rush to choose tiles, the obvious moves are not always the right ones!

How to play

The object of Candy Mahjong is to take apart a tray of sweets by removing pairs of matching tiles. The faster you clear the board, the higher the score will be. But you can play without time at a comfortable pace.

“Candy mahjong” online, in a free version in Russian.
You can play “connect connect” on your tablet and phone in full screen.
Six mahjong solitaire layouts: “Classic”, “Pyramid”, “Arena”, “Well”, “Wall”, “Four”.
Endless hints and layout shuffling.
Specifies the number of available pairs for the connection.