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Butterfly Connect

Welcome to the Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong Connect game – free to play in full screen with excellent quality! Connect the same moths as quickly as possible and get a prize – an effective training of visual memory!

The logic game with butterflies is based on a simple principle: collect a pair – clear the way for the next move. It is actively used in mahjong games with a multi-layered layout of volumetric tiles, but in our case, we are talking about a flat plane of the playing field with amazing butterflies instead of chips!

Paired Butterflies is a fun version of the popular Butterfly Kuodai Mahjong game where you click on matching unlocked wings and score points by matching the halves together! In the new version, the insects are sealed in the stand and will remain there forever if you fail to save them by pairing them.

The difference between the Butterfly Pairs and Mahjong Kyodai games is small – in both you can:

free to play in full screen;
save achievements without registration;
play without sound and music;
influence time by connecting pairs;
collect hints.

The only difference is in the design: in the new game, the action takes place against the backdrop of a green meadow, butterflies are easier to recognize by their spread wings.

How to play

Your goal in the game is to clear the board by matching paired butterflies with successive clicks. Click alternately on the first and second picture, if a red connection bar appears between them, they are removed, clearing the path for the following connections. At the same time, keep in mind: you can not hesitate – time is running out!

How to collect paired butterflies

Moths of the same species can be connected and removed from the board if:

they are located side by side;
the connection path rotates no more than 2 times – usually these are pairs located on the same side of the board or inside the grid, provided that there are no obstacles between them;
paired butterflies from different sides of the board do not connect, because the connection path will turn three times (which is not allowed by the rules).

Move Hints

If you get stuck and time is running out, press the magnifying glass button. The game will tell you the move: it will circle the paired butterflies with a red frame. The number of such bonuses is indicated under the button, at the start of the game there are 6 of them, but with each level one more is added.
How to play without time

Technically, there is only one way to stop the countdown: by playing fast. Pay attention to the timer (it’s a pink scale in the upper left area of ​​the screen). Each time you connect a pair of butterflies, a few seconds are added to the scale, this is a bonus for quick reaction and good memory. If you need to pause this game for a few minutes, click the “Pause” button in the upper right corner. Clicking on it again will resume the countdown.

The “Scores” field keeps track of the number of paired butterflies that have been removed from the board – for each pair you get 10 points, but that’s not the point! The more you play butterfly matching, the faster you discover them! This increase in skill is evidence that your concentration and visual perception are gradually improving! Keep playing and get more!