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Mahjong Slide

Used to playing regular mahjong? Now it’s in the past. We invite you to master the new version of this exciting toy – Mahjong Slide. The rules here remain the same, only the interface has changed.

This game is more like Tetris. All you need to do is move the all the tiles so that the matching image is above her. Management here is carried out using the keyboard. You need to quickly knock out the cubes until you are bombarded with a bunch of colorful pictures.

The ancient intellectual game of mahjong is still popular today. She has a lot of fans all over the world among people of different ages. You have the opportunity to try another interesting version of it.
In Mahjong Slide you will find a pyramid made of cubes with different patterns. The rules of this toy are no different from the usual versions of mahjong – you need to remove cubes with the same pattern. At first, it will be easier to play, since there will be few cubes. Further, the game becomes more difficult, and the number of pieces will increase accordingly. Mahjong is a good mindfulness and memory training.