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Monster Mahjong

We invite you to children’s mahjong “Monsters” – play online for free and in full screen. This is a new connection game with animals from the world of monsters and accompaniment in Russian. We recommend this mahjong for children from 6 years and older.

The original name of the game – “Monster Jong” is associated not only with the appearance of monsters in the world of smart puzzles, it reflects the differences with the rules of classic mahjong. By removing pairs of knuckles three times in a row, you will get a glowing monster stone. Pair it with a couple and create a magical bonus. Start now, it will be fun!

How to play Monster Mahjong

Your goal is to remove paired tiles with open sides until you clear the playing field completely. It is advisable to play fast at the same time, then you will collect more stars, and for those who want to play mahjong without time, it is recommended to forget about the ratings and enjoy playing Mahjong Quest on Allgames.

Please note in the game that the monsters of colored tiles are considered “single-clan” and are removed even if the depicted pictures do not match.

Features of Monster Mahjong

Each of the 50 levels is represented by a multi-layered pyramid of tiles depicting strange creatures. Help the player is implemented in three ways:

highlighting shows which pairs of tiles are not blocked, if you are a fan of hardcore mahjong, you can turn off this feature by clicking on the eye in the bottom menu bar;
shuffling helps out in moments when you are just stuck;
tooltip shows the number of possible matches at a particular moment – displayed on the top panel.

If you have ever played classic mahjong, you will immediately understand how much more convenient it is to play mahjong with monsters. Happy gaming and see you back soon! Do not forget that by playing mahjong every day, you develop useful brain skills: think quickly, analyze the position of spatial structures and think tactically.