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Mahjong Artifacts 2

Welcome to “Mahjong Artifact 2” – free to play online in Russian in the collector’s edition from Alawar. Experience a game that combines the classic “chain” mahjong rules for beginners with the thrilling story of rescuing a missing friend.

The plot of the game “Mahjong Artifact 2” begins with the mysterious disappearance of the traveler Marco. You play as a young girl who visits China, Japan and other countries in the wake of a missing and apparently dead friend. Remove mahjong tiles and open artifacts to understand all the mysteries and find the keys.

Playing “Mahjong Artifact 2” is very simple, according to the classic rules of the game for beginners. You only need to connect identical tiles to remove them from the board. At the same time, pearls are collected to acquire special abilities. This can be tricky in the beginning, but there is a strong hint in the game to automatically darken paired tiles.

How to play Mahjong Artifact with bonuses

You can use the hint by paying with pearls. You can return it only by playing the game – by removing mahjong tiles in pairs.

Another difficulty in playing Mahjong Artifact 2 is the limited number of moves. You can use shuffling – also exchange for pearls.

In addition to interesting comics, Mahjong Artifact 2 features stunning backgrounds, beautifully animated Mahjong tiles, and a soothing soundtrack. It will be fun, enjoy the game!