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Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time

Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time is an exciting mahjong-style puzzle, displayed in three dimensions. This makes it possible to rotate the structure in the most favorable angle.
Your task is to find two identical cubic elements and remove them. This can be done by pressing the computer mouse on the cubes in the extreme position. They differ in images and color, so they are very easy to find on the structure. After completing the task, you will open another detail, a more intricate shape.

The evil sorceress lured you to her hut in the dark forest. Why would she? The old lady urgently needed your help to solve some difficult puzzles – Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time. On the street near her house, it is not clear where the building from the cubes came from. Magic does not affect him, so you will have to use logical thinking in order to disassemble the structure as soon as possible. Look carefully at the building – there are different drawings. Look for cubes with the same pictures and remove them in pairs until you disassemble the whole structure in this way. If necessary, you can rotate the pyramid to get a good look at all the faces and quickly reveal.