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Mahjong Link

Mahjong Link is a classic puzzle game for kids and teens where you have to find and eliminate pairs of identical tiles from a large 140-tile grid. The original name of the game is “Mahjong Link”, it can be played in full screen, record records for free and use help.

If you are not familiar with the rules of the game “Mahjong Chain” – you can easily handle it. Collect pairs of identical tiles to clear the game board, opening the way to the next ones. The only difficulty is that you cannot click on tiles that are blocked on the left and right side by their neighbors. The second feature: mahjong β€œchains” is multi-tiered, it cannot be disassembled from different rows.


Once the game has loaded, press the central brown “Play” button. You have 20 minutes to find and remove matching pairs from the field. Left-click on the same unblocked tiles that are free on the left and right sides. Once a free pair has been chosen, it will disappear, revealing new tiles that are below them.

Features of Mahjong Link

For every 2 deleted pictures, mahjong scores points, you can spend them usefully. If you hit a dead end when sorting the tiles, use the “Shuffle” button at the top of the mahjong game – the game will move the tiles in a new order. The number of shuffles is unlimited, but each is worth 500 points. After eliminating all matching pairs, you move on to the next level.

Instead of the classic hieroglyphs in Link flash mahjong, there are cute pictures of animals, butterflies, dragons and cars. This funny puzzle will cheer you up, help you take time, improve concentration and memory.