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Mahjong Treasure Quest

Raid on the treasures of  Mahjong Treasure Quest (“Pirate Mahjong”)! To find hidden riches, expand the game field in full screen and click on duplicates!

In front of you is a pile of stones with pirate pictures, connect them in pairs. Adhering to two main requirements:

the ingot must be extreme (with 2 free sides);
coated stones cannot be used.

How to play Pirate Mahjong

Follow the common goal of all Mahjongs: “pair up”. First, there are 78 cards on the field, each image has only 4 doubles. Be careful: outwardly similar objects turn out to be different (there are compasses with different arrow directions).

Another feature of “Pirate Mahjong”: you can cheat – return the move back with the “Undo” button. And take up to 5 hints of the move by pressing the “Hint” button. Please note that pirates play with profit: they take off 15 points for helping.