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Mahjong Flowers

This is a Flower Mahjong: Connect the Pairs game with stunning flowers of all varieties and shades. It will please the eye and will be useful to the brain, as an effective exercise in concentration. In the puzzle, you can influence the time: each removal pumps up the timer!

An alternative name for mahjong is “Flowerland”, if you are looking for it, then you have come to the address: here you can play online, without registration and always for free!

How to play Flower Mahjong

The game is subject to the general rules of “connect pairs”. The goal is to quickly clear the game board. Click on the matching color pairs and clear the way for the next mahjong moves.

Two identical flowers may be removed if:

pairs of the same species are located side by side;
the path between them is open;
the connection line is rotated no more than 2 times.

To remove a pair of flowers, click on one, then on the second. If a connection is possible, a white connection line will appear.

Strategy for a quick game in “Flower Mahjong”

The simplest matching pair is when flowers of the same species are located side by side and it doesn’t matter if they are on the edge or in the middle. Such a connection is easy to spot, connect these simple pairs first to clear the path to the center.

Do not rush to connect all the obvious color pairs: in this mahjong with deleting pictures, a timer is pumped up, this can come in handy in a situation where there is not much time left.

Pay attention to the timer, it is a horizontal blue bar in the upper left part of the game screen. If it reaches zero, the game ends. Each time you connect a pair of flowers, a few seconds are added to the timer. This rewards the quick clearing of steam.

The more you play Flowerland Mahjong, the faster you will be able to identify the available pairs. This skill progression is evidence that your ability to focus will improve with practice! If at first it was not possible to fold the “Mahjong Flowers”, do not be discouraged. Just keep playing!