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Fish Mahjong

An interesting mahjong game “Goldfish” (Mahjong: Goldfish) is so different from most mahjong games that you should definitely play in full screen. Instead of removing static connected tiles, you should combine the stones brought by the goldfish with those fixed in the pyramid!

The idea of ​​the game is simple: drag the tile to its pair. You cannot accept a fish gift if there is no suitable value on the board. In this case, you need to remove an extra stone in one of the red holes that accept “loot” every 5 seconds. If you miss the moment, the garbage will accumulate, gradually stopping the game.

How to play

The goal of Mahjong Goldfish is to remove all the stones and not to accumulate too much. You can combine any combination of “seasons” and “flowers” tiles within your group.

You can speed up the movement of the fish, to do this, press the side arrow. You have to play at a fast pace, with concentration and attention. This mode trains concentration and improves visual perception.

Luckily, Goldfish Mahjong includes a hint feature. Her appearance is accidental, implemented as a “crowned tile” from a goldfish. It is worth dragging it to the playing field, it is installed in the left corner and highlights 5 matches.

If you are looking for new solutions to the traditional mahjong game, check if you enjoy playing the fun “fish” version!