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Mahjong Connect 6

Ni hao, future champion of Mahjong Connect 6! Your panda master is ready to unlock all the secrets of the ancient puzzle! Are you ready to take on the challenge of the Chinese game? Match matching tiles to clear each board and unlock the animal symbol in the Eastern calendar. Complete tasks, use hints and unlock more levels right now!

We invite you to the new game “Mahjong Connect 6” – play without taking into account the time and registration in the free online version for any device.

How to play mahjong without time

The new mahjong game is based on the classic Chinese puzzle rules “Mahjong Titan”: you need to clear the playing field by removing all matching pairs. Only free tiles with identical signs are allowed to play. The exception is all chips of the “Seasons” and “Flowers” suit – these tiles do not have duplicates, therefore they are connected in any order within their category.

By default, the game limits mahjong build time and offers a bonus for speedy tile removal. After pressing the first chip, the countdown timer automatically starts – click on the corresponding pair or quickly click on the question mark.

Note: There is no limit to the number of hints in this Classic Mahjong Connect 6 game. To play without time just use this cheat! The sooner you clear the board of tiles, the higher the score will be.

The original style of a classic puzzle game in keeping with the best traditions of Mahjongkong solitaire.
Lots of game boards hiding symbols of Chinese culture.
Endless hints and help passing levels for beginners.