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Mahjong Fruits Connect 2

Would you like to play Mahjong Connect without haste? – Dive into the multi-level onet game “Fruits” now! The goals are classic: connect pairs of pictures and clear the grid. But thanks to the ability to play without time control, the game acquires unique features: it relaxes, relieves pressure and a sense of urgency.

Welcome to Mahjong Fruits Connect 2Β  – play without taking into account the time and registration in social networks. Like the classic Onet, the game perfectly trains the memory. And due to the lack of time control, it stimulates observation and strategist skills.

Features of Mahjong Fruits Connect 2

gameplay of the game mahjong connect 2 without time;
you can play in full screen on your computer or mobile device, always free and without ads;
bright fruit selection of tiles, funny voice acting and convenient controls;
each level is a new challenge;
increasing difficulty, the ability to accumulate hints.

How to play fruity mahjong connect without time

The rules of the game are similar to Mahjong Classic, but you play without a timer and clear the levels at your own pace.
The task is to free the game grid from all pairs.
Find 2 identical tiles that can be connected with up to 3 connection lines.

Unlike the classics, the Connect 2 (or Onet) mahjong game has a single tier. So all the fruits are located at a glance. You can see their number, location relative to neighbors and the prospects for continuing the game if one or another pair is removed. Focus on finding profitable fruit matches that will free up more space. Look for pairs that share a common side or are located on the same edge of the grid so there is no connecting line blocking the path.

If you are afraid of a too easy game, we hasten to reassure you – it simply won’t happen! Indeed, playing Mahjong Connect 2 without time loses a powerful incentive to concentrate. Only searching for pairs of fruits without timer control is not only more convenient for the player, but also more efficient, as it is more strategic and logical. Try it right now and see for yourself!