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Taipei Mahjong

If you like to play solitaire, then you will definitely like this Taipei Mahjong  game. It is more interesting than ordinary solitaire, it requires more attention and calculation of moves and actions. The player’s task is to lay out a multi-layered figure from chips with hieroglyphs and pictures depicted on them. This can be done by removing two identical unblocked chips in one move. A piece is considered unblocked if no piece lies on it, and the left or right side is free. To complete the whole game you will need to dismantle all 100 pyramids, good luck.

A simplified classic mahjong with an ornament theme for girls. You can remove a pair of identical items. You can only select pairs that have the left or right side open. Hints can help you. Try this unique version of the classic Taipei Mahjong game. Create links between matching tiles as you battle to keep up with the clock. Can you clear the board before time runs out? Unused hints and saved time will be rewarded as a bonus.