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Mahjong Remix

Mahjong has been known since ancient times, it has its own charm of the East, its own rich history and its own philosophy. A construction of bones for this game is given, they have images stylized under the east (China). To remove the bones, you need to find two identical pairs and click on them. However, not everything is so simple, it is necessary to release paired pictures to ensure that they are at the top. That is, the picture becomes available when there is nothing on a particular knuckle. In addition, one of the sides, any, should also be free.

Mahjong Remix – incredibly addictive puzzle game that you can play online without downloading to your PC. Absolutely everyone will like Chinese Mahjong, from the smallest to the most experienced gamers. This Mahjong Remix solitaire puzzle game is able to give the player the most positive and simply amazing moments. Music sets in a relaxing mood and forces the player to forget about everything in the world and plunge headlong into the world of amazing and incredible Mahjong.

Entering the game, an incredibly beautiful landscape appears before the player, which depicts a figure made of Chinese knuckles with various patterns: numbers, plants, hieroglyphs, figures. In such an abundance of pictures, it is very difficult to concentrate, and your eyes just scatter in different directions. But the player will have to pull himself together and try to find all pairs of identical pictures and clear the entire playing area. True, there are several conditions that complicate the game. Only those bones are removed that are free on the right and left sides and if there is no other chip on top. Time to complete the level is not limited, so you can slowly enjoy the gameplay.

To better see the tiles, the Mahjong Remix game can be expanded to full screen.