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Animal Connect 2

Try to connect 2 animals in the online game “Mahjong Animals 2” (Animals Connect): they will run away to play from the field in the truest sense of the word! A funny solution to such an action as the disappearance of connected objects favorably distinguishes this game from hundreds of similar ones. At the same time, all the features of species differences are preserved: ducklings leave the field in a waddle, hares jump cheerfully, owls fly away, puppies and kittens scatter.

It is usually recommended to play games in the manner of “Pairs of Animals” deployed in full screen. Mahjong is made up of small details, and learning it for a long time can cause fatigue and tension. But not in our case: the free game is well developed. The combination of a neutral color background and contrasting shades is carefully calibrated! The eye instantly grasps the difference in the bones of the puzzle and quickly reacts to the smallest details of the differences.
How to play Mahjong Connect Animals

According to the rules of the game, mahjong animals must be assembled in pairs at a right angle (no more than 2 turns are allowed). A combination of pictures from the side faces of adjacent sides is also possible. The score is based on the number of pairs and time. It is limited, but a successful and fast start is rewarded with points. The number of pictures and the number of types of animals increases with each level, but you have 6 chances to simplify the situation: 3 attempts for an updated distribution and 3 hints. To better understand what is happening and quickly navigate the features of the menu, set the Russian language in the menu sound bar. Play with pleasure!